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Cristina, 32 Active client Email open: 18/02/18 Purchase: 18/02/18
We improve communicationwith a consumer
Professional Real-time Messaging Software with a Service

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Personalized marketing

Capitalize on opportunities using modern, customer centric email marketing, Sendigo team work to raise conversion rates, improve acquisition ROI, and maximise customer lifetime value.

Partner businesses relay on for years

We are proud to be a partner for industries largest companies and brightest minds.

Sendigo is realizing all sales opportunities and maximising customer lifetime value by precize customer-centric messaging, data tracking and marketing automation.


More than 5 years with trust to Sendigo messaging solutions

Rimi manages largest loyalty platform for own grocery chain in 3 Baltic states


Reaching 20% growth in sales last years

1A - one of oldest and still recognized leading internet shop in Baltic region


Automation to manage existing clients and attract new

Elektrum is one of largest energy trader in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

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