Email Creative Services

Easily create and send powerful email campaigns that will keep your customers coming back. Our simple template system is flexible enough to let you create personalised messages while not constricting your creativity.


Essential design features that are required for successful email delivery include:

  • form and content relevant to your audience
  • flawless rendering in all email clients
  • proper text/html balance (easy to read even with images disabled)
  • legal compliance (CAN-Spam Act)

With Sendigo's support and consulting you can generate the professional and effective email your business needs. We always take care to consider the following throughout the process:

  • design usability & browser responsible email template
  • checking and modifying of content to increase customer engagement
  • graphic design of your email templates
  • use proper pre-headers, headers and footers
  • ensure that your emails display properly in major email clients and devices
  • check the content against spam filters and domain blacklisting
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