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Business Critical Messaging with a 100% Delivery on Time

Transactions is a bloodstream of your business – customers pays you or not. If customer can’t find purchase receipt email or can not change password to log in, sale deal is lost.

See any transaction-related activity in details and be sure on important messages to be delivered with guarantees.

One business, many templates

Sendigo makes it easy to send high-priority email & SMS to your customers.

Welcome and Thank you series

Cart Abandonment Emails

Invoices and Purchase receipts

Password resets

Email address confirmations

Account balance updates

Support requests

Order shipment notifications

Powerful API
engineered for reliability

  • Fast connectivity from Sendigo globally distributed API infrastructure
  • Full track of email delivery – know exactly what happens to every email you send
  • Dedicated IP address for perfect deliverability
  • Webhooks – analytics into your own database
  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC standarts for email authentication
  • Merge tags to customize your contact data and emails for individual recipients

“Looking for a technically advanced and respected company with excellent customer service, we reviewed the offer of Sendigo. They provide good service and are responsive in finding  fast solutions.”

Ilze Kirstuka Sceglova, Drogas | Head of Marketing.

Weapon to fight for a customer

Do you know how fast your emails are? You need to.

If your customers don’t refresh email waiting for fresh bulk newsletter, then password reset email is another story. If such email do not hit their mailbox instantly, they start to worry and contact support. It might hurt your reputation and make significant impact to sales.

It’s imperative transactional mails arrive in your customers’ inboxes immediately.

Level up your email marketing.

We will help!

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