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Sendigo is a powerful combination of >20 years’ experience in internet marketing, smart people, and market proven self-built technology. This formula manage our clients modern business needs in communication with a consumer delivering billions of emails and SMS around the globe every day. Unlike others, we operate as a closed service for selected clients only, providing the best message delivery and individual customer support at every cooperation stage.

email service API

(like SendGrid™ or Mandrill™ you know)

TOP MARKETING newsletter features

(as MailChimp™ or Campaign Monitor™)


for segmentation and personalization


(like EzTexting™ or SimpleTexting™)

Global delivery network

There is no business if your email or SMS doesn’t hit the destination at the right time or if your email reaches the SPAM folder. Sendigo is runnig servers at data centers globally from each continent, delivering your message as quickly and accurately as possible.

Real people, know-how, and experience

We know that no software can guarantee reaching business goals if it is not managed with an experienced staff. Even features with the richest enterprise-level tools become weak.

BDM Europe
CSM Europe
General manager
CSM Europe
Regional manager The Czech Republic
CSM Europe

Today the Sendigo team consists of passionate marketers who have built and continue to develop marketing automation solutions for retail, eCommerce, banking, energy, and telecom companies. We are a team who know how to merge software components in strategy and reach results. Read more – what we do.

“Competition is tough in the telecommunications industry and responding to market trends quickly is essential. We seek only the best solutions, which can provide the speed, depth and precision that we demand; that’s why we chose Sendigo.

Ilze Zukova,  Tele2  | Head of Marketing

Some of our clients, their story:


More than 5 years of trusting Sendigo with their messaging solutions

RIMI BALTIC manages largest loyalty platform for own grocery chain in 3 Baltic states.


Reaching 20% growth in sales last years

1A - one of oldest and still recognized leading internet shop in Baltic region


Automation to manage existing clients and attract new

Elektrum is one of largest energy trader in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

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