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Marketing Newsletters

Create and deliver Personalized Sales and Newsletters to Engage and Convert

Easy drag and drop to build your email in 5 minutes

  • Personalize your email by adding consumer name or other client data into your marketing mail and subject lines
  • Add your on-site recommendations to email and deliver individual, relevant sales content

Perfect on every device

Our intuitive platform lets you create beautiful marketing emails easier than ever before

Unmistakably yours only

Choose from our design blocks for your email template, and build a new email with no hitch

Segmentation for better results

Automatically segment and send a repeated newsletter to those who didn’t open previous mail and didn’t buy

Live accessible reports

Follow your mail results live – real-time email activity stream. Opens, clicks, and other activities at your fingertips

“Sendigo is not only a great email and text message delivery solution, Sendigo is also a valuable team who provide us with a high amount of knowledge and expertise, ensuring our communication with our customers remains at the highest level.”

Krivs Kraulins, Rimi Baltic | marketing manager

Engage your audience

Each of your customers on your list is unique, and he visits your site with precise purpose. Interests are different.

These days to send one sales newsletter is not enough; communication must be aligned to each consumer’s interests to get higher opening click-through rates and purchases. Data is what you need to interact, personalize each mail, and capitalize on new leads.

Connect Sendigo Foxy JavaScript to your site, and Sendigo will catch visitor data and run customer shopping behavior-based emails. Intelligence in email delivery – your profits!

Automate your email marketing

Keep a personal touch while removing manual tasks from your to-do list. Focus on strategy and business, while Sendigo’s triggered emails will re-engage, up-sell, and follow up with the people who matter to you.

Add On-Site Recommendations to Email

Attach your shop-related product recommendation tool to Sendigo and send highly personalized email sales letters every time!

Set Trigger Events and Conditions

Automatically retarget contacts based on their response to your email or SMS campaigns. Track and build triggers on website visiting events or contact details.

Cart Recovery Series

Enjoy 20% better conversions and turn abandoned carts into successful deals. Realize every sales opportunity!

Re-Activate Your Customers

Once sold, don’t leave your customer alone! Remind them about your brand, and perform cross-sales with automated email.

Level up your email marketing.

We will help!

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